The White Rabbit has stolen your smartphone!  Roll like a ball and follow him down the hole. It’s time for a minigolf adventure in Wonderland!

Go down the rabbit hole in over 70+ clever and whimsical puzzle levels. Aim, roll and explore the fantastical world of Alice’s Puzzle Golf Adventures, inspired by the famous Lewis Carroll novels.

Compatible with iPhone® 4S, iPhone 5, iPad® 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, and iPod touch® 5th Generation.

Minigolf gameplay

Using a simple slingshot, golf putt mechanic,  to aim and power each shot. What feels quite simple at first, evolves into puzzling strategies of navigating treacherous swamps, tricky hillsides, ball deflectors, teleporters and diabolical, moving platforms.

Explore Wonderland

Visit the Tea Garden with its mazes and green landscapes. Maneuver through the Chess Fields, survive the depths of the Dark Forest, and discover the treacherous Palace with its portals and card guards. Alice in Wonderland is a weird and fantastical tale.

Challenging puzzles

Use your brain to solve puzzles that require cleverness and skill. You’ll encounter bouncers, trigger buttons, and moving chess pieces. Use the environment to your advantage and make the perfect shot. Play with your friends and claim the highest score!

Down the Hole

Alice in Wonderland Puzzle Golf Adventures combines minigolf with puzzles and exploration. The environment of Wonderland is colorful and bizarre, with giant mushrooms, creepy forests and a mysterious palace setting the stage for a unique journey. The game boasts over 70 levels, starting with simple minigolf courses but quickly escalating in difficulty. Height differences, portals, moving platforms all make for a puzzle game that puts your minigolf skills to the test.

Alice in Wonderland

The familiar cast of Alice in Wonderland makes its appearance: The invisible Cheshire Cat acts as gatekeeper for bonus levels, and the White Rabbit kicks off by stealing Alice’s smartphone. This sets the stage for the game, as you do what anyone would do in this situation: roll up to a ball and chase the rabbit down the (minigolf) hole to get your smartphone back.

Available Now!

The game consists of over 70 handcrafted levels, tricky puzzles, crazy bonus levels, and Game Center support for Friends and High scores. Click the button below to download Alice in Wonderland Puzzle Golf Adventure on the App Store.

Compatible with iPhone® 4S, iPhone 5, iPad® 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, and iPod touch® 5th Generation.