Can a little flying squirrel take on the forces of evil?

A Pinball Adventure

Your village lies in ashes. Your tribe is gone. You are the last free momonga… Are you able to turn the tide and rescue your tribe? Can you take on the forces of evil? It’s time to roll!

A Pinball Adventure

Flip and roll through the levels. Float through the skies, battle your enemies, take on epic boss fights. It’s not your regular pinball.

Explore The World

The world of Momonga awaits. Uncover a hidden sanctuary in the clouds, the lost city of Xio, and the fallen Momonga islands.

3 Bonus Minigames

Get donuts, candy and pizza slices in Panda’s Dream. Try to beat your score in Guachinko. Test your pinball skills in the Arena.

Pinball with a story

On the continent Aya, animals have lived peacefully since the Great War. The momongas are a small and peaceful tribe of flying squirrels, living on a group of small islands on the river Yana. They make their homes in the hollow trunks of giant Sequoia trees, and generally get out of the way of trouble.

One day, the village was raided by a group of owl bandits. The bandit leader, General Kuton, is a renegade general from the owl kingdom. The owls took every momonga and disappeared. All except one – the young Momo barely escaped Kuton’s claws. Momo was saved by Panda, one of the nomadic pandas that roam the world. He healed Momo and took the little squirrel to a sanctuary up in the mountains.

Our adventure begins here – with a little flying squirrel and an old panda. Will they be able to stop the forces of evil? Join Momo in the first episode of an epic adventure to save his tribe. Make new friends, explore the world, and defeat the evil owls. The momongas must be free!


Momo the momonga

Momo is smart and swift. He can roll like a ball, float in the air, and he loves exploring the woods. When Kuton raided his village, he barely survived, thanks to Panda’s rescue.

Panda the panda

Panda is a Lorekeeper, a nomadic tribe of pandas who collect Lore and keep balance in the world. After the raid, he found Momo nearly dead, and took him to his Sanctuary to heal.

Fry the firefly

Fry is an apprentice kung fu firefly. Exiled by his father, he got captured by the owls until Momo saved him. He is Momo’s buddy ever since. When he hears a gong, he goes into a frenzy.

Available Now!

Episode 1 consists of 9 handcrafted levels, 45 challenges, and Game Center support for Leaderboards and Achievements. Click the button below to download Momonga on the App StoreGoogle Play and Windows Store. Your tribe needs you. It’s time to roll!

Compatible with iPhone® 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad® 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, and iPod touch® 5th Generation.

Compatible with selected Android devices, supporting Android 4.3 and up.

This game works on Windows 8 and later versions.