An iPhone game in two weeks!

The Paladin Studios team is about to begin one of their biggest challenges yet. We are going to make an iPhone game from start to finish, in just two weeks!

Even though our team consists of experienced professionals, the iPhone platform is completely new to us. We’ll be working with Unity, a development tool that allows for great speed. We already used it for making our biggest game yet, EnerCities. But that’s for PC and Mac… the iPhone has rules of its own!

In the upcoming two weeks, we will do our best to share as much of the creative process as possible. We’ll be talking about our gameplay ideas. We’ll show concept art and in-game screenshots as we’re making them. We’re inviting you to share your thoughts on everything we do. We hope you’ll help us test a rough version as soon as we release it. And on Friday April 2nd, we’ll be submitting the game to the App Store, no matter what.

Think we’re crazy? Be sure to follow our adventures on our Dev Blog, on Twitter, on our Facebook page and on several forums on the Net. Hopefully you’ll be as excited about this as we are.

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