iPhone game: project start

Today we officially started our iPhone game project! Our current team consists of the following people:

* Derk – CEO
* Dylan – Product Manager
* Lukas – Lead Programmer
* Tijmen – Programmer
* Niels – Lead Artist
* Lars – Artist Intern
* Thomas – Artist Intern

Not featured in the picture are Derk and Dylan (that’s me). As the two of us will not be working on the game full-time, let’s say we’re a five-and-a-half person team.

Game Design

First up was the design session. Because we’re all very passionate about games, emotions flared up right away! So truthfully, we were off to a rocky start. We needed to focus on our respective roles to move the creative process forward.

We quickly established our domains, using Scrum as our project management method of choice. Dylan will be Product Owner, Niels will be Scrum Master and Lukas will be the Designer. Simply put, Dylan makes sure we’re building a great product, Niels watches over the production process and the team, and Lukas is responsible for gameplay and fun-factor. (This is in addition, of course, to our other roles).

After a nice lunch we took another shot at game design, and this time, we had an awesome vibe going on! Within soon, we had defined a scope and core mechanic for our iPhone project. It involves arcade action, is quick-paced, easy to pick up and should offer a lot of crazy fun!

Tomorrow we’ll be revealing much more of our concept. I hope to be able to include a few sketches and references as well!

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