iPhone game: meet Jimmy Pataya!

Paladin proudly introduces the main character for our new iPhone game. Meet Jimmy Pataya!

Jimmy’s a cool guy. He practices all extreme sports, preferably mixed together. Started basejumping at age six. Started basejumping on a motorcycle off a cliff at age eleven. Broke more bones in his body than most people know they have. Jimmy doesn’t care about a few bruses. Adrenaline is his life.

Tired of all the boring stuff, Jimmy Pataya came up with a new thrill: The Grinder.

Imagine jumping out of an airplane right into a huge obstacle course. The challenge: to get as far as possible, dodging everything in your path. The Grinder may be floating in the sky, it’s still a real bonebreaker. Dodging obstacles is nice, doing so while performing tricks – now that’s something else. Gotta look good on camera!

Check out a few extra sketches that led to Jimmy’s appearance:

  • Tijmen
    Posted at 15:51h, 25 March

    How is he going to wear his Cap when he's falling?

  • Martijn
    Posted at 13:48h, 26 March

    Hey guys, well done. Its a promising concept so far. But we need more of this, one post a day just doesnt cut it 😉

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