Listen to your testers

Last Friday we put all the artwork and gameplay we had so far together to create a playable demo. The idea was to let a couple of testers play the game and listen to what they had to say. Like always, there were both positive and negative comments.

One biggy was that the main gameplay, the color picking and dodging objects, was too difficult and hard to explain correctly.

We had four options at this point:

  1. Do nothing and continue the game plan
  2. Remove the color picking
  3. Remove the dodging
  4. Cry like a little girl, wèèh, and give up

We chose option 2.

As a result of just having one main gameplay element we have more room to polish and tweak the final release, which is this Friday already. I am confident the game will benefit from this decision. So keep this in mind: always listen to your testers !


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