Politics and games

Today we were surprised to find ourselves on nu.nl, the largest online news portal in Holland!

The article writes about a leading party in The Netherlands, PvdA, who state that the Dutch games industry should be supported. Frank van Heemskerk, representing PvdA, says it is an important technological and creative aspect of the Dutch creative industry and that the sector should be supported financially and in general.

Paladin is mentioned as one of the developers in the serious games industry in The Netherlands, a sector which he believes is an “undiscovered gem” of the Dutch economy.

Apart from the fact that we’re mentioned – which is awesome – I find it interesting. Politics and games have never really matched that well. However, I believe that these are signs that the games industry is a different story in Holland. And it should be. What do you think, is there hope for game developers? Will we one day be recognized as the innovative, creative industry that we are?

Time will tell 🙂

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