The day after

Well we did it, Jimmy Pataya has been submitted to the App Store and is “Waiting for review” at this very moment. Like every deadline, it was a though one. Not only did we have to fix some performance troubles, we also had to create and implement the last portion of the graphic user interface and all the sound effects. Deadlines are exhausting because of the stress level so the best thing we did that day was going outside, take a deep breath and do nothing 🙂

Today was a great “day after”. Played the game a couple of times, beat my own personal record and even showed it to an employee of an iCentre. Apparently it’s also a great starting point for a nice conversion. Who knows what other good things come out of it.

I noticed that everytime I played or showed Jimmy Pataya, I was smiling. Smiling big time. I have to say, I am very proud at what we at Paladin Studios have achieved already. And it can only get better when it hits the App Store…

  • Alan Son
    Posted at 10:29h, 07 April

    Very well done indeed! I just wish I had an Iphone. I guess I will have to nick one from somewhere =:). I wonder how hard it would be to port a game like this to Android? I have a HTC Hero.

  • Alan Son
    Posted at 10:20h, 09 April

    Managed to persuade my friend to get it last night. Wicked! I love the flow of the game and I think it really makes excellent use of the Iphone tilt controls.

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