Japan plus Youtube is succes

Lets start with a little about me: I usually go to bed around 10.30 pm.

As some of you might know, Jimmy Pataya started out as a research project for us. Since it got a little bit out of hand and we became more serious about it we all had our own expectations. One thing we all had in common was that it would be cool if it was picked up massively. We even wrote down some optimistic numbers, I believe I said something like “Gimme 12.5k downloads!”. You could say those numbers were our definition of succes.  Succes can be defined in different ways actually. On the App Store is usually defined as: “Getting as high as posible gross profit” While that may be true, thats just the business side.

I have a second definition of succes, this time its personal, not business. Succes for me, as a human, not a company, is seeing people enjoying your game. You can’t really measure this but I check a few things to get a feeling. I often just Google with “Jimmy Pataya” and check the results. Did you know it’s also some infamous tourist isle in Thailand? Another great source is Twitter, checking how much people Twitter about it or posting their scores.

The ultimate place for succes is Youtube! People playing your game and then take the effort of recording and uploading a movie of them playing it is just awesome. Well I am very proud to say: it happened! Even better, it happened all the way down in Japan! We don’t even have the game description translated into Japanese nor we contacted any Japanese review sites. They picked it up themself, wrote a review of it, took some screenshots, made a movie and actually gave it a good recommandation. FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

I can’t hold it back any longer so here it is.
(and use this for a translated one)

And you know what, its 0.15 am right now and I am still awake because of it. That has got to say something 🙂

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