6 Ways In Which Playing Jimmy Pataya Is Like Running A Game Studio

While I was thinking about a topic for a new blog post, this came to mind. Playing our game Jimmy Pataya is a lot like running a game studio. How so? Here are 6 ways:

jp1. You have to be crazy like Jimmy to start a studio.

Jimmy Pataya is the embodiment of Paladin’s founders. Because starting your own game studio without any prior experience is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. That goes for the whole team: Working for a small indie game developer is just about the same adrenaline rush as if you were a founder.



jp22. Keep on dodging the blades.

Running a company requires a lot of dodging of obstacles. You should choose a strategy and stick with it. But don’t be afraid to make hard decisions (turns) and dodge those blades!




3. Strap those rockets.

In the game, rockets triple your speed. This can be compared to hiring people to boost production. This increases the workspeed incredibly! But at the same time, you are more likely to make mistakes. Stay sharp.


pataya_items_superstar14. Grab the superstars.

Superstars are hard to pick up but worth a lot of points. They can be compared to media exposure or winning awards. Whenever a respected journalist writes about your game, that’s a huge bonus! Winning an award gives the same boost, even if it’s just in your self-confidence. Bring on those bonus points!


pataya_items_superstar15. Don’t forget about the regular stars.

The normal stars are worth less points, but they are plentiful and essential for a high score. These can be compared to the smaller things in life. People tweeting about your game, or a good user review. They may not give as many points as the superstar, but they sure matter!


jp6. Always wear a helmet

The helmet allows you to crash into a blade without ending your run. It symbolizes the stubbornness and perseverance indie game developers must have. They don’t let a setback get to them. They keep on pushing until they get that high score.

Can you think of any other games that resemble game developers? Please let us know in the comments!


PS: No idea what Jimmy Pataya is? It’s available in the Appstore and on Android Market (free with ads).

  • Niall O'Brien
    Posted at 10:53h, 24 February

    Great comparison. Always wanted to start my own games dev company, I suppose it would be handy if I had some experience first though! 🙂
    Always great to read about other company’s experiences.

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