Momonga Announcement and Trailer!

It has been in the oven for over a year now, and it needs a couple more months to finish. But here it is – the announcement of our new game!

Momonga Pinball Adventures is a crossover between a pinball game and an action-adventure game. You hit a ball with flippers, but that’s where the pinball comparison ends. We tried to avoid the typical look-and-feel of pinball games and create a colorful world suitable for a platformer.

The game is set to be released in Spring 2012, coming first to iOS and Android.

We love pinball, but hate the fact that pinball games are all so… cabinet-ish. Who needs another table with the same bells and whistles? It’s time for something new.
So we are on a quest to bring a fresh element to the pinball genre. It’s time to play through levels, join an actual storyline and get into bossfights. That’s right. Pinball, meet action-adventure games. 

The Game

Momo, our hero, is a little Momonga (a Japanese Flying Squirrel). These animals are way too cute for their own good. This is one of the reasons the evil owls came and pillaged Momo’s home village. Momo escaped with the help of the wise Panda. Join them on an adventurous quest to rescue Momo’s friends and defeat evil!

Bump your way through hand-crafted levels. Earn medals, beat challenges, and claim achievements. Can you get the high score on each level? Compete with your friends on Facebook and Game Center to find out.

Coming soon

Momonga is scheduled for release in Spring 2012. We will launch on iOS and Android.
We also have plans for Mac App Store, Steam, Facebook and whatnot.

Quick links

Gameplay Trailer:
Press Kit:
Press Release:

Stay tuned

We are currently working hard to get the game to the beta phase, and if you want to stay in the loop, visit There you can sign up for the newsletter, and check the “Game previews and testing” box to get inside updates on the game!


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