We Are Building A Winnitron

We love the Winnitron! It’s an indie game arcade network with new games on old school arcade cabinets. (check out winnitron.ca for more information).

It is about time we built one and put it on display in the public spaces of the Caballero Fabriek in The Hague.

This project has only just begun and it’s already been loads of fun. We dug up an old arcade cabinet (Mortal Kombat 3!) and picked it up in a van that was too small. This resulted in us cruising over the highway with an arcade cabinet sticking out the back. That distracted a lot of people from driving. We weren’t paying much attention to the road either. All four of us (Guido, Tedo, Fabian and Peter) were preoccupied with looking over our shoulders to see if the cabinet wouldn’t slide out. But, we made it!

Here’s us, unloading the behemoth:


Next, we tore out all the hardware. Here you can see Guido and Niels working on that:

img_20120309_094829 img_20120309_104009

Use the parts to pimp the office a bit:


And what you’re eventually left with is an empty cabinet ready to be filled with new hardware and Winnitron’s software. Meanwhile we’re using it as a puppet theatre:


Expect more blogs about the progress of this project. And if anyone is interested in the hardware we tore out, it’s for sale.

Stay tuned! Winnitron is coming!

– Peter


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