Momonga: The Early Names

Hi everybody,

I was just looking through some old documents and found a mysterious one called “Momonga Names”. It contains 3 pages full of hilarious alternative names for Momonga Pinball Adventures. Everyone was allowed to enter any crazy idea they had. Here are some that made me laugh:

  • Momo BAM JAM!
  • Momo vs Monsters
  • Cute Momo
  • Momo’s Mojo
  • BAM! Pinball
  • Pim Ball
  • Angry Balls
  • Squirrelball
  • Doodle Ball
  • Fuzzy balls
  • FurryBall
  • FluffyBall
  • It’s so fluffy I wanna shoot it!
  • LOLBall
  • All your balls are belong to us
  • Best Pinball Game Ever
  • The way of the Momo
  • Never-gonna-give-you-up-ball
  • Never-gonna-let-you-down-ball
  • Winball

So what do you think? Should we change the name back to one of these? 😉



  • Lukas
    Posted at 20:14h, 19 March

    Haha, I remember some of them. “All your balls are belong to us” and “Never-gonna-give-you-up-ball
    Never-gonna-let-you-down-ball” are my favorites!

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