The Arcade Cabinet That Shall Be Named

These days we are building a Winnitron. And we’re making progress!

Last week we sacrificed one of our computers to serve as hardware for the Winnitron. Here are Guido and Tijmen performing the ritual:

img_20120313_095438 img_20120312_163012

We ordered a monitor, sound system and an I-Pac. They arrived last Friday, so Tijmen and Niels were hammering away at the cabinet in the weekend. Which resulted in this beauty shot:


If you are wondering where this is going, here’s a rough sketch of what we’re aiming for (minus graphics and joysticks):


(Disclaimer: no, it will not run Journey)

Myself, I was left with the task of getting the software. All it took was an e-mail to the kind people of Winnitron. Now we have the hardware AND the software. Lets build this thing!

And last but not least, we named “this thing”. The machine will be called – wait for it – the Palatron. Because we can.

Stay tuned for more updates. There are rumours of a launch party…


  • Tijmen
    Posted at 15:01h, 23 March

    That sketch aint real, i can see it by the pixels!

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