Momonga Monday: The 33 Cutest Momonga Pictures Evah!

Momongas – Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels – are simply the cutest animals alive. They have big eyes, and they are so fluffy I’m gonna die. These little innocent flying squirrels live in the mountain forests of Japan. They have cousins all over the world – sugar gliders, their possum friends, are quite common as pets. But there is only one true Momonga, and that one lives in Japan.

We have rounded up 33 of the cutest pictures we could find. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Momonga pretending to be a French Flying Squirrel


2. A nice furry tail keeps this fella warm


3. Nuts! I smell nuts!

This guy is nuts

4. This twig doesn’t think I’m overweight.

White Momonga

5. Whatcha looking at?

Momonga in the dark

6. Iiit’s… n..not f..freezing at all… look I’m s..s..miling!

Cute and Cold

7. Momonga playing peek-a-boo

8. Beautiful shot of Pteromys Momonga

Pteromys Momonga

9. Goodmoooooooorning!


10. Sittin’ on a stick, eating nuts.


11. This one looks cute, but look closer – he is preparing a ninja attack.


12. Shy little momonga

Don't be shy

13. Practicing his roll-up-like-a-pinball-move


14. Do you think my butt looks big?

Momonga on a branch

15. Beautiful shot of what must be a wise old momonga

Wise guy

16. Holy cow, batman! Was it a plane? A rocket? A flying squirrel?

Flying Momonga

17. Friendship keeps you warm in the night

Happy Together

18. I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am Darkwing Squirrel.

Darkwing Squirrel

19. One likes the other more than the other likes him back.

Hugging Momongas

20. Omnomnomnomnom twigs are the best breakfast evah.


21. I bet you can squeeze your head through this hole.

Momonga in a hole

22. You can tell that one of those two cracked a dirty joke.

Laughing duo

23. My… nose… is… frozen stuck… in the snow…


24. Yummy tail.

I am on his tail!

25. Here. Have a cigar.

Smoking Momonga

26. Fits like a glove.

So tiny!

27. Morning yoga!


28. Goodies 🙂


29. Get a room you two!

Happy couple

30. Howdy partner! Wanna join for dinner?

Weird eating

31. Power to the squirrels!

Power to the squirrels

32. My eye is too big.

My eyes are too big

33. Guys, I think we’re being snuck upon…

Momonga on a branch

Bonus: And here is Momo, our version of this overly cute fluffball 🙂


This concludes our ultimate list of momonga cuteness. Hope you enjoyed it, and share the love! 🙂

– Derk & Peter

No animals were harmed during the making of this blogpost.



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