Fork of Truth: Gameplay Trailer and Linux Support!

In case you’ve wondered, we are in the middle of a huge Kickstarter campaign. Together with Blind Ferret we are trying to get the funds to create a video game of the epic Looking For Group web comic. We are aiming at $600,000 to create the game. We are well on our way – so far we raised around $90,000 in eight days. It’s a great start! For all those who backed the project, thanks for your support and generous pledges!

Right now we got two awesome updates for you. First of all here’s a fresh trailer showing some of the gameplay highlights:

(Be sure to turn up the volume!)

Second, we received so many messages from Linux users who felt left out, that we decided to crunch some numbers and figure out a way to get Linux support part of the package. And I’m happy to say that we will now officially support Linux from the get-go! The port was originally planned as a stretch goal, but you can consider that a scratched goal now. That’s right, Fork of Truth will be playable on PC, Mac and Linux!

LFG Linux

Stay tuned because we will be doing some in-depth blogging about the project in the upcoming weeks. For now you can read this interview with Looking For Group’s writer/creator Ryan Sohmer and Paladin’s Derk de Geus. Derk also did an extensive video interview (30 min) with Kurt Sasso from TGTMedia, you can watch it here.

Screenshot LFG

On behalf of the Paladin team, thank you so much for your support. You guys have been amazing so far, and we literally can’t pull this off without you. So keep it up! Please help us spread the word and get this thing funded, and shortly you will be wreaking havoc in the world of LFG. FOR PONY!

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