Vacancies: Unity Developer, Back-end Developer, QA Manager and Product Owner

We are hiring a Unity Developer, Back-end Developer, QA Manager and a Product Owner!

Check out these vacancies and hop on the Paladin boat!

Games that make people smile are in high demand, therefore we keep on growing. This means we have 4 vacancies and several internship positions available!

Are you the knight we’re looking for? Want to join an entrepreneurial game studio with a round table, castle walls and a high performance team? Then please check out the vacancies below and drop us a mail at!

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you 🙂
-Team Paladin

Unity C# Game Developer

The game developer works with the rest of the Scrum team to create the technical parts of the game. They are responsible for making the game work smoothly and bug-free.

Check out the Unity C# Game Developer vacancy on the Paladin website!

Node.js / Back-end Developer

The Node.js / Back-end Developer works with the server-side tech team to create the server-side software for new Paladin games.

Check out the Node.js / Back-end Developer vacancy on the Paladin website!

QA Manager

As Quality Assurance Manager, you are the lead for the QA Process and QA Team. Your QA processes help the development teams to correct issues while they’re hot.

Check out the QA Manager vacancy on the Paladin website!

Product Owner

At Paladin, the Product Owner is leading the development team. They coach individual team members, and facilitate the development and self-organization of the team.

Check out the Product Owner vacancy on the Paladin website!


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