Galaga Wars gets a PAC-MAN update!

Over a million pilots have joined the fight against the alien swarms. This time, an anomaly has occurred in deep space, where a gigantic maze-cube is spawning legions of ghosts! Only one ship can beat these enemies: It’s yellow. It’s round. It’s hungry for action. It’s the PAC-MAN ship!

We are extremely proud to present this major update together with Bandai Namco. Unlocking the special PAC-MAN ship completely changes the visuals into the beautiful neon arcade from the classic maze game. Here is a glimpse of the PAC-MAN ship, the classic ghosts and some of the new abilities and backgrounds making their appearance in Galaga Wars.








With this update you can now hunt the Maple enemy. This special alien appears in sectors, and when killed, drops precious Credits. Collect enough of these Credits to unlock the Pac-Man ship!

Building on the feedback from the community, the twin ship and abilities now last throughout hyperspace. Navigating the menus is streamlined with an all-new Hangar, where you can browse and select your favorite ships. The interface has been improved in many ways, bringing new vital information about the space battle to you.

The game update is available NOW for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Get it today – the galaxy needs you! Good luck pilot!


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