New Cards and More in the New Stormbound Update!

A new update for Stormbound is available now! This update brings 10 new cards among many other improvements. You can get the update now on Android and iOS.

The cards are designed to build upon the uniqueness of each kingdom, improving the core theme. Each kingdoms will be getting 2 new cards, greatly improving their synergies and combo potential. Besides the 8 kingdom cards 2 new neutral spell cards will be added to game to provide good answers for certain board states. These new cards have been added to all the existing books.

Let’s have a look at the new cards:

Swarm of the East

Doppelbocks is the perfect card for any deck build around Satyr Synergy. Two satyrs for the price of one, what more can you ask for!? The spell Dark Harvest let’s you escape even the most dire situations. It can clear hard to reach enemies, whilst leaving one of your units in a comfortable space.

Tribes of Shadowfen

The unusual alliance of toads and ravens gets two units to strengthen the kingdom. The extremely potent Copperskin Ranger is a great enabler for any other poison followup, while Harpies of the Hunt add 4 units for 3 mana. Great value.

 Winter Pact

The Calming Spirits don’t ease the minds of your opponent. These frostlings come with many, and are a huge threat if not dealt with soon. In Moment’s Peace the pact gets a very versatile spell card that can freeze, buff and enable other synergies.

Ironclad Union

Two new units join the ranks of the Union. The Delegators are designed by the rodents to be big and mean, and do just that. The Ozone Purifiers add some extra utility by being able to push other units away to set things up for your next move.


To supplement any kingdom we are adding two new spells to Stormbound. Both are powerful control cards able to change the tide of battle. Confinement is a great card to deal with a single out-of-control unit while Flooding the Gates is a perfect tool to deal with a bunch of enemies knocking on your castles door.

Player Experience & Level

We’ve added a progress bar in the main menu, showing your experience to see how close you are to leveling up. Experience is gained by unlocking new cards or leveling them up. Alongside this change, we’re also doing some balancing to get the level distribution better. This will mostly be noticeable between levels 6 and 15, which will be easier to reach.

Other improvements

  • Card rebalancing. Complete list and info can be found here.
  • A new campaign level for each of the kingdoms, each rewarding a Splendid Book
  • A card Log has been added to the HUD which shows the last cards that were played
  • After the match the game shows the progress made to your active quests
  • We’ve added brackets to the game which prevent you from dropping ranks once achieved.

What is next?

We will continue to work on new improvements and additions to the game, like the previously announced emotes and friends system. If you want to stay up to date you can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, join the discussion on the official forum and Reddit or subscribe to the newsletter.

If you haven’t tried Stormbound, the game is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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