My Tamagotchi Forever, the official Tamagotchi mobile game now in Soft Launch!

We are honored to announce the upcoming Tamagotchi mobile game, in a collaboration with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe!


Tamagotchi Returns

20 years ago, the world fell under the Tamagotchi spell. A whole generation grew a loving fondness of the tiny pixelated characters that lived inside pockets and backpacks. Today, the characters return to spread the love in My Tamagotchi Forever, the official mobile Tamagotchi game. My Tamagotchi Forever will be launched worldwide in 2018, and is available now in selected soft-launch countries.


Welcome to Tamatown!

Take a trip to lovely Tamatown, where you take care of Mametchi and friends, guiding them through their unique evolution paths. Feed, wash, care for and play with your virtual Tamagotchi pets, and keep them happy and healthy. Unlock all the Tamagotchi characters and guide them into different careers, populating Tamatown and capturing memorable moments along the way.

For more information, check out the My Tamagotchi Forever website at!

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