Friend mode, emotes, 13 new cards and more in Christmas update of Stormbound!

The biggest Stormbound update yet just went live. Let’s go over some of the biggest changes, to get you as excited as we are!


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By popular demand, we’ve added the friends feature. Starting today you will be able to add friends, see when they are online and challenge them to a duel! There are two types of challenges you can do in a friendly duel:

  • Current levels – this will make you fight with your friend with your cards and base as you have them in your collection
  • Equal levels – this will level the playing field and set all cards back to level 1 and your base to 10 HP

Your quests can even be completed while battling friends, a good opportunity to experiment with different decks.


With the emote system you will be able to interact with your opponent. Did they make a good move? Send a thumbs up! Made a nifty play? Complement it with a smiley face. Each kingdom will have its own set of animated emotes!

New Cards

We’ve added 13 new cards to the game. Each kingdom has received 2 new cards, of which one epic unit. Additionally, 5 neutral cards are added.

Here is some of the card art, you can receive these cards from all card books in the game. You can find a detail list of the new cards here.






Other changes

Besides these main additions, there are many other changes being made and more still being worked on. Among these:

  • Fusion stones will have a chance to appear as a daily offer
  • The ability to convert excess cards into Fusion Stones (after that card is fully leveled)
  • Removing the possibility of getting duplicate cards in upgraded Splendid Books

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  • Xandar vOs
    Posted at 22:40h, 21 December

    Hi I am playing stormbound a lot! I have an idea for a new mod. Create a new campaign or mode and one side gets level one mech workshop on all of the four start tiles. Create different difficulties by leveling up the workshops. As a player, you need to defend the waves that are incoming each round. Survive the first few rounds like a god of Stormbound! Then strike down your heavy units to annihilate the opponents! Win special rewards for completing each survival faster than the one before!

    Think about it…



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