Merlin’s Prefab Lab available in the Asset Store!

We have worked hard on this, and now it’s finally there! Merlin’s Prefab Lab is an extension to the game engine Unity. It greatly improves your art pipeline by keeping your models and prefabs linked when they update.

Ever had to update dynamic models linked with scripts and components? It is painful and tedious. Merlin’s Prefab Lab completely automates this process, which saves time and keeps you sane.

The Prefab Lab does 3 things:

1- It makes prefabs for your models;

2- When you update your models, it updates the prefabs without destroying their context;

3- It keeps components and game objects linked to models.

This is great for dynamic models such as characters, cars, and any model that has particles, animations or scripts attached to it. You can now prototype with temporary models, add all the goodies, and update your model without having to think about all the components and Game Objects that normally break when you do so. The Prefab Lab has been a real timesaver for us. It keeps the peace between artists (who want to improve their work) and programmers (who don’t have the time to update all the links of 3D models with every little art commit).

Merlin’s Prefab Lab is available for $50 in the Asset Store. You can check it out in the Extensions section. We hope you like it as much as we do!

For support and information, please mail us at We will be happy to assist you!

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