Momonga Mondays: The Owl Guards

Today is the start of Momonga Mondays! Each Monday we will give you a behind the scenes preview of Momonga Pinball Adventures.

The star of this Monday is the little Owl Guard, an annoying fellow who has an even more annoying shield. These guards are General Kuton’s henchmen (more on Kuton soon). They follow you around and occasionally throw knives at you. Annoying indeed.


Here is concept art for their encampment in the momonga grove:


Here is some concept art for the level where you rescue Fry (more on him soon too):


Once we have the concept art figured out, we move on to 3D modeling. You can see the wireframes and end results here:



Soon you will be able to see them in action. And even better, soon you will be able to bash them >:)

What do you think? Needs less feathers? More sticks?

See you next week!


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