Man Bijt Hond Zoekertje

It was an exciting day for us, because today we released our latest production Man Bijt Hond Zoekertje. Together with NCRV’s Man Bijt Hond we developed a game to bring the show to your smartphone and tablet.  As of today you can download Man Bijt Hond Zoekertje on Google Play and the App Store for free.

 Man Bijt Hond

Man Bijt Hond is one of the most unique and successful television programs ever aired on Dutch television. The show revolves around converting big news to small news and vice versa (just like the name suggests). It achieves this with creative but simple concepts and their own unique style. Like joining for dinner at a random household to run through their day. These sections deliver some of the most amusing fragments, and Man Bijt Hond is packed with those.

From TV to Touch

To catch the Man Bijt Hond look and feel was quite a challenge. The game had to contain the same simplicity and humour as the show, and it should stay entertaining for a while. To add to that this is the first time the program exceeds the borders of their normal format – exciting!

As soon as we entered the concept phase we realized how hard this was actually going to be. After many hours of brainstorming, mind mapping, yoga and what not, we didn’t make any real progress. But all our fancy frills actually made it harder than it actually was; we just had to keep it simple.

Because in the end, what is Man Bijt Hond all about? Normal people with extraordinary stories. In collaboration with NCRV, we identified the most intriguing people Man Bijt Hond brought to our displays. Like old-fashioned farmer Jan Stam, the colorful Mandy and the seasoned fairground operators Peter and Michel (picture). They are the embodiment of Man Bijt Hond.  That is why Man Bijt Hond Zoekertje is a game based on these extraordinary stories.

The Game

Man Bijt Hond Zoekertje is a hidden object game starring Mandy, Jan Stam and Peter and Michel as the main characters. Evil forces made them lose their things and you are going to help them find it. Find as much hidden objects as possible in 90 seconds. The faster you are the more points you get. If you don’t make any mistakes, you are awarded with a bonus multiplier. As an extra objective, there are 3 hidden letters in each level. If you can find them all you will be awarded with a power-up.

Man Bijt Hond Zoekertje is now available on Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it now on Google Play and the App Store!

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