Sometimes, wishes do come true

Recently our studio got an very inspirational visit. No not by some ‘big shot’ or guru, but by an exceptional 10-year-old called Lucas who was accompanied by his brother and mother. They visited us because Lucas has a wish.  He wants to become a game developer one day and maybe we could help.

I guess many 10-year-olds want to become astronauts, firefighters, millionaires or uuh.. game developers these days. But few of them face the same challenges as Lucas and his family. Unlike most of his peers Lucas suffers a life-threatening medical condition.


Luckily there is the Make-a-Wish foundation who recognizes the power of a wish and tries to enrich the lives of these children, their families and everyone involved with its wish-granting work. Lucas’ wish-fulfillment resulted in a day full of awesome activities. After a DJ workshop where he got to practice his scratching and mixing, the delegation drove to our office by limousine.

We tried to give him an idea of what its like to be a game developer. Lucas and his brother Darius got an introduction to game development by game designer Tim Hengeveld. As soon as he started talking they started their inquisition. All kinds of clever questions, remarks and insights were launched at Tim. It was really surprising how much they knew already and how much more they wanted to learn.

Lucas Art

As soon as Tim could take a breather the boys got a taste of animation and design by our veteran artist Jimmy de Meza. Together they worked on some designs for Momonga Pinball Adventures. Eventually the visit came to an end with Jimmy making an animated version of Lucas.


Thank you

Lucas his day continued to stay awesome with a visit to his favorite restaurant with all of his friends he picked up on the way. We are really grateful that we could be a part of this experience and want to thank the Make-a-Wish foundation and volunteers Menno and Mieke to make it possible. Also many thanks to Lucas and his family for the visit. We will be awaiting your job application.

  • Mandana
    Posted at 13:22h, 12 May

    Thank you all so much for making Lucas’ dream come true! We’ve all enjoyed visiting Paladin Studios.

    • Derk
      Posted at 11:41h, 15 May

      It was our pleasure, Mandana! 🙂

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