Momonga Update: Google Play Games & iCloud

Happy Monday fellow adventures! Let’s start the week with an update for Momonga Pinball Adventures. Here is what’s new.

Google Play Games

Due to popular demand we’ve integrated the Google Play Games services to Momonga. Both iOS and Android players with a Google account can now make use of the leaderboards, achievements and cloud storage services provided by the GPG platform.


Momonga Pinball Adventures now also supports iCloud storage for unlocked levels and achievements.

Bug fixes and improvements

It’s already 1 month ago that we released Momonga on Android. During the time passed we tried to fix most of the reported bugs and issues. We also improved the user experience with some graphical improvements to the buttons and other interactive elements.

Thanks everyone for your support. Have fun and stay tuned for more updates.

– Stein & Team Paladin


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