Major content update for Momonga on August 8th!

Howdy, pinball adventurers!

A new version for Momonga is on its way! If you have been staring at those “coming soon” icons on the bonus levels, your wait is over. Next Thursday, August 8th, we will release Momonga 1.1 to the App Store. This is a major update, with two brand new bonus levels, Facebook leaderboards, and a whole bunch of smaller improvements.

And that’s not all – the port for Android is coming soon too. In fact, we are really close to launching on Android. But it needs testing – and you can help with that! If you have an Android device, sign up here to give Momonga for Android a spin. And read on to see what you can expect in the new update.


A pinball survival mode for the hardcore Momonga players. The Arena presents you with a random set of stages – and after each round another one awaits. Stay sharp, because you you have 3 lives to complete all stages. Every mistake can be your last. How many rounds will you survive?

2013-08-02 15.29.39


Guachinko is inspired by Japanese Pachinko machines. They are vertical pinball machines without flippers. The ball cascades down through a dense forest of pins, triggering events and scoring points on the way down. Guaka the Molerate is the star of this level! You get three rounds to try to score as many points as possible.

This hallucinating gif was made by one of our coders testing all the possible routes down in a early prototype:


And here is the final result:

2013-08-02 15.23.44

Facebook Leaderboards

In preparation of Android, we added support for Facebook leaderboards. See who’s the greatest pinball adventurer, whether you play on Android or iOS!

Cut the cutscenes

Cut the cut scenes

This guy has a point, and when we saw someone uses the phrase “for Pete’s sake” we knew we had to fix this. In addition to the “regular” cutscenes which play automatically,  you now have three options for the cutscenes:

  1. Normal mode – Auto progress, tap to continue to the next line.
  2. Skip – No cutscenes, skip all the cutscenes all the time.
  3. Tap to continue – Dialogue is paused, tap to continue to the next line.

New start screen

The start screen has gotten a whole new make-over. It is more beautiful than ever, and the interface should be a bit more self-explanatory. We have also added an in-game screen which shows you everything we have to offer. It’s right there if you tap on the Paladin icon 😉

New Startscreen


It’s almost done. Truly, really, almost. We are close to the Android release – so close that we can feel it softly touching our eyelashes. The one thing that it needs is testing. There are so many Android devices out there – and we only have so much testing power over here. So if you have an Android device, and you want to give Momonga for Android a spin, you should sign up for the testing! Give it a go, and let us know if it all goes down smoothly.

It’s time to roll – on Thursday 8th

We really hope you like the new update! Be sure to check it out in the App Store next Thursday. In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted!

Stein & Derk

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